Thursday, 13 November 2014

Charged Words

The world woke up one day,
To a morning so funny,
When God decided to charge,
Words spoken by men with money!

Every setting sun on good earth,
Saw God update men’s token!
Adding scores to his word account,
Based on the nature of words spoken!

The rules he set were very simple.
Angry words were charged more,
While humble and kind ones cost less.
So men had to take care when they were sore!

A final rule was later added by God,
That made honest words free!
No charge would be levied as such,
And one could go on an honest-word spree!

As was his habit, man did not bother.
He thought it to be a mere joke,
Until one day, a month later, a bill came
To each one’s e-mail account with a poke!

‘This is the first month’s trial run!’
Most of the humans were in loss,
Barring a few that hitherto were introverts!
While those who used brain and brawn did not pause!

This is the first month's trial run...
Teachers and preachers escaped unscathed,
While television anchors weren’t so lucky!
The 24/7 news channels ran into deep losses,
And those that survived, slowly became very picky!

Husbands suddenly became understanding,
Allowing their wives to spend liberally!
Their fights reduced, which helped in saving,
Two bills from God, for each of their mindless folly!

People stopped fighting verbally with others
And chose the email path instead!
This prompted God to tweak the rules,
Adding a lower fine under the ‘written’ head!

Chatty employees were shown the door,
As they added hugely to the CTC!
God sent separate bills for official use,
And charged them on a commercial basis!

Men wanted to outwit God in his game,
As they began their new adaptation!
Wordless-communication soon began,
As one-word sentences became the new fashion! 

Some men, in an attempt to bribe God,
Met saints and their blessings sought!
‘If the holy men could speak to God, just once,
We could work out a solution with Him,’ they thought!

But the holy men refused to share words,

Some of them just refused to be bought,

While others were caught in a dilemma of sorts.

They knew not what was honest and what was not!
Words were spoken when absolutely needed,
And humans learnt the art of honesty!
When someone spoke, the others listened,
Cautiously avoiding words that sounded nasty!

Work and happiness were shared alike,
And slowly, to every man’s surprise,
People began to tolerate honest words,
And then, rage soon became a historical vice!

With a sigh of relief, God rolled back
His rule, as the job was done!
But, alas, in a jiffy the world was back
To the same place, where it had all once begun!