Saturday, 8 March 2014

Women's day

Today being women’s day, I recall the drama written in Tamil by Sundaram Pillai.

The drama is popular by the name ‘Manonmaniyam’. The author, through the characters in the story has given the readers a good insight into the various aspects of human life.

In this drama he has hailed the family system and has called it a university that groomed men and brought maturity in their thinking.

“A family is a classroom that teaches us to raise above our selfish interests”, he has opined.

“It expands our vistas and gives our mind the power to think and act for the good of others around us. It teaches us patience and tolerance”, he has further elaborated.

He has described the role of women in society and when translated it reads thus:
If you compare life to a sea, a man’s mind is like a boat. It is but the nature of a boat to stray in the sea, guided by the ever changing direction of the wind.

The ‘boat’, therefore, has to be anchored to the shore of justice. It is the position offered by society to its women which acts as this anchor. Through his drama he further suggested that a society that has respect for women has already chartered a programme for its development.

To uphold the right of women, in his view was the first step that any cultured society would take.   

When we look at the bigger picture of an overall development of society, women empowerment has to be the primary focus. Every society has to set its goal and work towards it, as does an organisation.

Inclusion of women in decision making has become mandatory.Discussions about women’s education and empowerment have been occupying the centre stage. Women, traditionally have been known to be better than men when it comes to planning and multi-tasking. As with every family society will also benefit from the meticulous planning that women are adept at.

Inclusion of women in major areas of planning, therefore has become mandatory. Ensuring that women take active part both in a family’s decision making and a society’s development plan is a sure shot way ahead.

Women have a huge responsibility towards their families. This had been viewed as a major stumbling block when it came to the question of their career. Their healthcare and safety are two more issues that the modern world has been struggling to cater to.

World over an awareness has to be created about the role played by women in empowering men and children. But this support from a woman to the household should not be taken for granted. Creating a conducive environment for women has to be taken up as a priority with special focus on their healthcare, security, education and career. Before it is too late, we have to recognize the contribution made by women and not lose its relevance due to sheer negligence.

It is high time that nations of the world unite in empowering the women of the world, for their own well-being.

Take care of your women and they will take care of you. To all the women reading this, a very happy women’s day.