Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Thoughts as words

If my words spoke not what I told,
But told the world what I thought,
The world would become a funny place;
With men constantly losing face!

If I said ‘Oh, how nice you look today’,
While in my mind I thought ‘how horrible’,
My face would have a plastic smile on it;
While the words that filled the air, a misfit!

Imagine two world leaders embracing each other,
And smiled for the ever busy shutterbugs,
The world would see what the cameras cared to show;
While the words would reveal the truth for all to know!

Just beware and check what you think before you think,
Or say the words only when the thought is in sync.
For while you are the master of your words unspoken,
You become a slave of the ones your tongue has broken!

Image Courtesy: Varsha V.

There are also times when you are not so bad- but,
End up uttering the words that you don’t mean to.
In such moments calm yourself down, before your ego wins,
And bother not about words you uttered ‘n’ forgive others' sins!

For, a word for a word will not take us ahead of others;
And as they say, an eye for an eye may leave the world blind.
None of us know what truth is all about and we may never know.
To what avail is it, making everyone around you your dreaded foe?

Author's Note: 

There are times when we say things unintentionally, and these are the words that keep coming back to haunt us. Then we decide to stick to them, though, initially we may not even have meant to say the words. Recognizing this as an ego trip, we should correct ourselves as soon as humanly possible.

We may also, at times feel that people say things that they do not mean. They could praise us to the hilt. We should not allow such words to inflate our egos. Agreed, this fills us with confidence, but very soon we may suffer from a deflated self-worth.

The pace at which the world is traveling calls for us to take pit stops whenever we feel the need to do so. Such breaks help us de-stress ourselves and gives an opportunity to prepare ourselves better, to take on the various challenges that life throws. Such breaks will let us cleanse our inner self from the various dirt and grease that our minds tend to accumulate. So go ahead and take time to break free from your taxing routine. Travel if you can and importantly, don’t forget to sharpen your axe!

Let us slow down our frenzy pace and have a happy life...