Sunday, 23 March 2014

Arise above your hurt!

Progress has made the world nuclear,
And many believe that we have nothing to fear.
Most of us think we are here to rule,
As the easy life of today has made many a fool!

We think we can question others’ doing-
Making some of us think ‘where’s the world going?’
It is neither your business, nor your right,
To question others, as you know not the battle they fight!

We bother not when someone else is in pain,
Treating all of those around us with contempt and disdain!
We expect the world to stop when we are hurt!
But bother not when hurting others by being rude and curt!

Stop this abuse, kindly stop this fight,
Togetherness is might, and equality each one's right!
Unite under that roof which makes us all one.
And then, very quickly all the damage will be undone!

Let's grow into one positive force...

Let’s grow into one positive force.
And march proudly ahead in our own chosen course.
Forgiving each other without much of a bother,
Contributing towards peace and oneness let us gather!

Come all, let us make ourselves stronger!
Not yielding to the one that loves to be a gossip-monger!
Let us forget the past, let us forget what went by,
Nobody here was born low and nobody born very high!

Rise above all your hurt like the sun.
Stop to enjoy the little things that we miss in the run.
There's just one life, we have very little time.
Before we understand life, we will be past our prime!

To bring a good change, do what you have to.
For later on, you can neither go back, nor can you rue.
Just contribute to the best of your might,
Then relax and enjoy the moment, as it is your right!

Rise above all your hurt like the sun...

Author’s Note:
Sometimes the happenings around disturb us. We lose our cool and behave in a manner that is uncharacteristic of us. These are the moments we regret and it fills us with a lot of bitterness. Instead of calming ourselves down and going forward with our own lives, we are consumed by shame. We are unable to forget the insult caused to us. It pains us. We want to hit back at the person or thing that cause us the hurt.

But at these times, if only we calm down and let matters go, we will emerge stronger. We will grow in not only in our stature in the eyes of others around, but our own self esteem will improve. It may take a while for the hurt to heal, but the hurt must heal.

Let not someone make you what you don’t want to be. Instead focus on those who want you to guide them, who want you to take them ahead. There are people waiting for you to lead, so they may become like you!