Wednesday, 13 November 2013

What you give is what you get!

The death of Abhimanyu serves as a gory reminder of the fact that hate be-gets hate.

Arjuna and Krishna were distracted by Susarma in order to form the Chakravyuh and capture Abhimanyu. Once Abhimanyu entered the Chakravyuh, the Kauravas broke all warfare rules followed hitherto, and killed the young lad. 

 While the Pandava brothers were in grief, Arjuna vowed to kill Jayadrada who prevented the entry of any sort of help to Abhimanyu. Arjuna, overcome by grief, also declared that if he failed to kill Jayadrada, he would kill himself by self-immolation. 

Lord Krishna remained calm, as he sensed the mood of the Pandava camp. He knew that the enemies had an advantage over the emotionally distraught Pandavas. Lord Krishna told Arjuna that the consequence of the vow he had taken was dire as Jayadrada’s father, through his severe penance, had obtained a boon. 

The boon served almost as immunity against death for Jayadrada. 

"The person that was responsible for his son’s head to fall on the ground would have his head shattered to pieces!” Krishna told Arjuna. But Arjuna was not perturbed. He simply told Krishna that he trusted his Lord to save him!

Lord Krishna decided to fight the rest of the war, with the new rules that the Kauravas had set.  He advised Arjuna to ensure that Jayadrada’s head is carried far and fell on his father's lap.  Krishna told Arjuna that only this would save him from a certain death. 

The next day, Jayadrada was protected by the Kaurava army and remained completely hidden from Arjuna. The Kauravas anticipated an aggressive backlash from the Pandavas. 

The Pandavas could not find Jayadrada and their hunt for him ended in vain. The sun was just about to set and within seconds the battlefield was completely dark. 

Meanwhile Arjuna lit a pyre and was just about to jump into it. Lord Krishna told him and the audience that had gathered to witness the death of the brave Pandava that it was just an eclipse and once the eclipsed sun came out, the battle should continue till sunset. 

But alas! Even before the Lord could speak, Jayadrada came out and presented himself before Arjuna. Mocking Arjuna, Jayadrada stood; bold and courageous, assuming that he had escaped certain death. Krishna’s words and the sun God’s reappearance robbed Jayadrada of his momentary bravery.

Arjuna made use of the Gandiva to behead Jayadrada. Such was the force with which the arrow was shot, that his head was carried in air, only to land on the lap of his meditating father. In a moment’s panic his father rose causing his head to fall on the ground. Thus Jayadrada’s father became a victim of the boon he had obtained!

In the end, though, what you give is what you get!                         

Jayadrada's head was carried in the air and fell on his father's lap