Wednesday, 6 November 2013

In search of truth...

The mysticism that surrounds the word truth has been a subject of debate for ages. The more we try to find out the truth about a given situation the more its vistas broaden making us gasp for breadth at its sheer enormity and our minuscule form in comparison. The reality about truth may be surmised to be its boundlessness.

Sometimes I hear people say ‘Don’t tell lies’ or ‘you are not telling the truth’. I want to tell them nobody knows the truth. What is truth for you may not be so for someone else.  When we reach what we think is the truth we understand that it was nothing but a mirage and to find out the truth we have to travel longer still. Only a few noble souls have been able to endure this tiring long journey in the path of truth and the rest of us are left to wonder if even these great men have reached the boundary of truth.

When a mammoth object breaks into several parts, we all pick up pieces of it. Each of us have a tiny piece of the object and the ego dictates to us and we think what we have on hand is the object in entirety. A few more of us team up together and try joining the pieces the way we understand and by virtue of mere numbers think that the object we have is the whole object. We can endlessly join the pieces, but the truth is we do not know if the way we are joining the pieces is the way it is supposed to be joined. We do not know if the number of pieces that we have is enough to complete the picture or if there are missing pieces. And we never will know.

In this context I also would like to make an earnest appeal to the readers to try and find as many of the pieces and join them in the best possible manner and yet not assume you have enough to declare the truth. Humility is the only torch available with human race that will help us find the pieces and wisdom is the light at the end of the tunnel that will help us join these pieces.

Ego, like the cloud, hides the truth...

We must take utmost care about not losing the torch mid-way to anger, jealousy and ego. These are like the cloud blocking our way in finding the truth. While many of us may be too quick in jumping to conclusions about other people’s intentions we take ages to apologise even after knowing that we have erred in our judgement.

All through these years we live in denial and it further slows us down in the path of finding the pieces. We have a long journey called life which is ours. We cannot allow our ego to slow it down. At every step, therefore, humility is the torch which expels the darkness called ego. 

Lighten yourself, so the journey can be fast and burden-free.