Thursday, 3 December 2015

Why a spade is no longer a spade!

I am a person who, without hesitation called a spade a spade. But, not anymore!

I do not say this because I am disillusioned with life, or have learnt lessons that have changed my outlook in life (Life had dealt me many blows, but I continue to be the person that I was and have not been able to learn the lessons).

Today a spade no longer refers to a spade and the lingo of the current generation is changing so fast that a spade could mean something totally different from what it used to.

The other day, my teenage daughter told me to mind my business as bluntly as she could. 

"Dude, if I knew the right way to do it, I would have done it that way. But that does not mean I want you to teach me what to do!"

It was long after she had completed that I realised, to my shock, that I was still at the way she had addressed me. My mind refused to move ahead!

I wanted to know who the 'dude' was. It took me a while to understand that  I was the 'dude' that she was referring to!

I politely told her that she had to address me as 'Ma' or 'Amma'. Just then, my son walked into the room, saying, "Dude, lol. imagine having to call you 'amma' every time I had to speak to you! I would... forget it, whatever!"

Now, you know why I can no longer call a spade a spade, 'cos, dude, lol, a spade is no longer a spade!