Sunday, 13 December 2015

Sometimes water is thicker than blood

Sometimes water is thicker than blood,
As was evident when silent water turned into a flood!
While the near and dear were away and afar,
Neighbors helped each other fight nature’s war!

The heart wrenching cry of humanity,
Brought together, even strangers in an alien city!
Blood became helpless, water took over,
Uniting millions from classes, upper and lower!

To escape nature’s fury was their only goal.
The will to save the drowning united every living soul!
While the religious division stood at bay,
The not-so-fortunate fell to the mighty water’s way!

At the strike of every threatening calamity,
People help each other in the name of humanity!
Sometimes water is thicker than blood,
So let us be pleasant to others, flood or no flood!