Sunday, 14 June 2015

The frustrations of an original thinker!

The earth seems to be revolving around cut and paste.
So much so, originality has become such a waste!
The whole world is spinning around an axis of haste,
Day after hasty day, making dynamic, the human taste!

Whenever a beautiful thought originates in a creative mind,
Elsewhere another steals a thought he could not find!
‘Are we on a wrong path?’ we may ask in sight so hind,
As emotions are fighting a lone battle to make humans bind!

Machines are made that recreate the original in plenitude,
To sell these numbers huge firms get into a frenzy feud!
The winners walk the ramp, with their chart, green hued,
Only to find that for practices not so clean, they’d been sued!

The man that grows the food gets not a grain from his soil,
Hopefully waiting to savor the remains of his wasted  toil!
While these poor food growers, retreat into a helpless coil,
Their food reaches the powerful few, in a sterilized metal foil!

The apes don't limp; the limp ape!