Thursday, 18 June 2015

The burden of the unspoken word

Many a hasty word leaves the listener wounded,
While the speaker of the words moves on undaunted!
But there are those men that don’t speak in haste,
Holding themselves back, lest the relationship lay waste!

But their tiny mind oscillates, restless and broken,
Unable to carry the burden of their own words unspoken!
‘Speak up’, their mind tells them, loud and clear,
Only to be drowned by the heart saying, ’they’re dear!’

‘Manipulative!’ cry the hasty speakers of them,
The word echoing the breakdown of their control system!
Those of them who control their own verbal sparks,
Are manipulative, if only, as a reaction to hasty remarks!

Those unspoken words that never left the tongue,
Get sewn to the conscious mind as winners, albeit unsung!
They come out slowly as actions that fail to please
The inflated human ego, that forever demands a hefty fees!