Thursday, 30 January 2014

Sita – The graceful power…

Any great epic that has withstood the test of time, always has something to offer, every time you read it. Ramayana is no exception to this.

What is most appealing about Sita’s character is the grace behind her power.

As a child she was found abandoned by the King of Mithila. Hence she was also known as Maithili. Sita grew up to be both beautiful and physically strong. 

 Once she picked up a bow that was very heavy with nonchalance! On seeing this her foster father decided to find the right match for her. During her swayamvar, where a girl finds her future husband, many Kings and warriors found it difficult to lift the bow that Sita had lifted when she was only a child!

Her loyalty towards her husband defined the person that she was all through her life. As a young bride she would have dreamt of being by the side of her husband as Queen of Ayodhya. But what was in store for her was the life of a nomad, wandering with her husband and his younger brother through the scary landscape of unknown terrains and finally even being kidnapped by a demon.

Her loyalty towards her husband defined the person that she was...

Apart from the one moment that she asked her husband to go after the beautiful deer, not knowing that it was a demon in disguise, Sita exhibited utmost grace and dignity. Throughout her stay in the forest she endured hardships and served her husband sincerely.

One would only expect a woman who has undergone such hardships to brazen up, lose her kindness and become bitter. On the contrary, Sita remained the epitome of virtues and high ideals.

When Hanuman came to meet her, she could have urged him to take her with him. Instead she told Hanuman to bring Lord Rama and his army to help the many women in Ravana’s prison, whose conditions were worse than hers.

This act of Sita’s can be termed as women’s liberation in the true sense.