Sunday, 26 January 2014

Lonely Reflections

She sat there, atop a single pole
Alone, but not lonely.
She seemed to be in a deep thought
Reflecting upon the hard battles fought! 
Reflecting upon the hard battles fought!
Life, from a bird’s eye view
Is not what it seems to you...
The bird has its business to mind
Food for her babies, she must find.
The bird has its business to mind...

It may seem like she is all free
To roam the blue sky in merry
For she is nothing more than a bird.
Wait, until her voice, you have heard! 

Author's note:

It is easy to assume that  only the most successful people face difficult situations. But in reality, ever body's situation is equally tough. If you are successful, you may want to be happier. If you are a very happy person, you may want to be more successful. 

When we see the birds fly up in the air, we feel that they are happy and have no responsibility. 

Their seemingly carefree journey, may be filled with challenges that they know best. To assume that the others lead cushy lives while all trouble has descended upon us is a fallacy. In reality, as much as we are aware of our problems, we are unaware of the others' problems!