Wednesday, 18 December 2013

The shedding of the cocoon

A trap is only a chrysalis and not a bond,
It refines you, it cleanses you and makes you strong!
Permanent guarantees are given to temporary things,
Don't focus too much on them lest you may lose your wings.

The cocoon that an insect makes, it tears.
Only to show the world what it gained in there!
A butterfly now has strength to fly and colours she flaunts,
She encased herself into a bond to be freed with all her wants!

So, know you all, a low phase is a cocoon,
And you will gain the strength you need very soon.
Just hang in there and absorb whatever you have to,
When you come out you will be beautiful and powerful too!

There may be times that will make you feel sad;
Just focus on what you have to do and don't feel bad.
Give up on your ego and work towards your cherished goal,
Before long the world will see the beauty within your soul!

Author’s note:

A worm gets trapped into a chrysalis only to gain a different life from the layers enclosing it.

As a worm, it wanders aimlessly, eating the leaves around until, one day, it decides to become an adult. When this decision is made, it moves away from its known environment, its comfort zone, and selects a secluded, safe spot. In this chosen spot, it sheds its skin and transforms into a chrysalis and hangs upside down for almost two long weeks from a cremaster.

Upon becoming an adult, this little worm of no real significance that wandered the face of the earth, ecloses and turns into a beautiful butterfly. It leaves its comfort zone for the second time, flaps the colourful wings that the two weeks of ‘penance’ has gifted it and soars high.

The worm transforms into a chrysalis and hangs upside down...

The cocoon shed, this wonderful thing rises from the status of a crawling worm to a beautiful butterfly.

Ego, like the chrysalis, shelters us, nurtures us. The time we spend with our ego makes us beautiful and colourful.

But it is only at that moment that we shed the ego, the world sees our colourful wings take the flight!