Saturday, 7 December 2013

Evolve, but naturally…

As evolution takes giant steps forward, practises of yesteryears are replaced by more pragmatic and technologically advanced innovations.

While on the one hand, it is convenient to support the newer methods as a natural advancement of an intellectual species, on the other hand, a critical analysis of the direction in which the advancement is headed is mandatory.

Simply put, are instincts being replaced by the machines that we make, is the question looming large before mankind, waiting to be answered. Walking was a motor development until recently, till it became the job of a walker to teach children to walk. Even the basic job of answering nature’s call needs a training, which in the world of the most civilised race has come to be known as ‘potty training’. I hear that institutes that specialise in this are in demand these days!

If you are already immune to these changes, I appreciate your adaptability, but if this is news to you, wait till you hear the next. I could not believe my eyes when I saw an advertisement for the diaper used for children which claimed to absorb 1 mug of the child's urine free, for every three mugs of urine that the child passes!
There are better ways of making a child stronger than making it suffer a nappy rash...

The days of greeting people with a warm smile or a cold glance have become archaic. Emoticons are the new tool that generations in the making are learning to handle.

Talking and communicating with people who are standing in front of us has become very difficult. While mankind has learnt to talk to voices remote over the network that has tightly trapped us in its web, the neighbour who lives next door is akin to an alien being. We have willingly moved into this realm of artificiality that has now become a reality, that a few years’ hence, no one will remember the era of natural living!

If you took an aerial view of the history of evolution, the sketch is sure to show steady quantifiable leaps forward for some time until we reach the current phase of a quantum leap. This phase has been singularly responsible for threatening to do away with everything natural including the way babies are born!

 Today it refers to the way babies are born and not the section in which they study in school. One obvious consequence of this seems to be that we know not how to push our babies out of the womb, but we certainly have learnt how to push them around in trying to keep up with the Joneses!