Wednesday, 19 June 2013

The pot with a hole

Once there lived a potter and his wife in a village. They made a living by selling the pots that they made. Before beginning their work, the two of them worshipped at a nearby temple. They made beautiful pots of varying sizes and in the evening the potter took them to the market to sell them. While the potter was away selling the pots in the market, the potter’s wife took water to the nearby temple to wash the deity there and perform the evening puja or prayer. 

She then cooked food for the two of them and upon his return from the market the potter joined his wife for a simple but healthy dinner. They were very proud of the pots that they made and whenever they were free, they sat and discussed the pots they made and how they were liked by the people around. 

One evening the potter finished selling his pots early and came home, while his wife was taking water to the temple. On her return, she sat down with her husband and he described the day’s sales to his wife and also told her how people appreciated the pots. He was very proud of the pots that sold in the market that day. His wife sat beside him with the pot she always used for carrying water to the temple.

Suddenly the potter and his wife heard a sobbing sound and realised that the pot she was carrying was crying. The potter and his wife immediately came close to the pot and asked the reason why the pot was sobbing. The pot told them that they did not like her because she had a defect, a small hole on one side. She felt that they did not take her to the market or sell her because she was not beautiful. 

The potter and his wife were surprised and then his wife started explaining to the pot that it was the defect that made her close to them. Had she wanted she could have made another pot and thrown the defective pot away. Instead she used the pot to carry water to the temple. 

She also told the pot that the hole was not a defect. The potter’s wife pointed to the beautiful flowers and plants on the left side of the path that she took to go to the temple every day. It was the water that flowed from the hole that created the beautiful garden, she explained. The potter’s wife picked up the pot and gently placed a caring hand around and said, “While the other pots we make serve the people around, you are the chosen one that serves God!”

The pot was happy and understood that everything created on earth has a purpose and we have to carry on with that purpose on earth.