Thursday, 27 June 2013

Never give up!

Once upon a time two frogs lived in a forest. One was named Golu, for he was a little fat and the other name Bolu. Bolu was very innocent and followed Golu everywhere. Golu was like a God-father to Bolu and Bolu loved being with Golu. One day they were returning to the pond from the forest and on their way they spotted some curd in a farmer’s hut. Hungry, tired and thirst, the two frogs decided to feast on the curd kept tied to a rope from the ceiling.

But only after they jumped into the pot they realised that the pot was huge and deep. 

There was no way for the two little frogs to escape from the pot. Bolu began to sob very loudly and Golu had to hush him up.Bolu was thinking of the different ways to escape from the pot. He kept urging Bolu to keep swimming and he too did the same.

After sometime Bolu felt very tired and started crying again. Every time Bolu cried Golu had to quieten him down and sometimes resort to threatening him.

After about an hour Bolu told Golu that he was giving up. There was no use in swimming inside the pot. Bolu was very sure that they were not going to make it however hard they tried. But Golu was not the one to give up. He kept urging Bolu to keep swimming until help arrived.

 "If you give up", Golu screamed, "I will have to swim for twice the number of hours and I may not be able to do it alone. Only if both of us swim together can we escape from here. Don't let me down" Golu commanded.

In some time, the curd got churned and butter started appearing on the top surface. As the two frogs tirelessly churned it further the butter in the pot became more and more until it filled the pot to the brim.

“Now”, said Golu, “get to the top of the butter and jump out.” Bolu did as he was told to do and both the frogs rushed to the safety of the pond, tired, exhausted and extremely happy!

The next day Golu told Bolu that it was a sin to give up.

“If you are in a tough situation learn to fight your way out. Never give up.
 If you are forced into a situation, learn to get out of the situation, never give in.”