Sunday, 14 April 2013

Unshakeable Faith

One day the great saint Narada asked Lord Vishnu, to name the person that had unshakeable faith in Him.Lord Vishnu thought for a while and supressing his smile, told Narada that a cobbler, living under a big banyan tree, was his greatest devotee.

Narada needed proof and therefore decided to test this. He descended on earth to meet the cobbler. When he finally reached the banyan tree, he saw the cobbler, attending to his daily duties. Before meeting the man he decided on a game plan to test the man’s faith in his Lord. He took measured steps towards the banyan tree and waited till the man finished his work. He then walked up to the cobbler and asked him, “Do you know who I am?” Narada queried.

The cobbler looked up and greeted the great saint. “Oh, great saint Narada, what brings you to this humble man’s dwelling?” asked the cobbler, bowing before the great sage. The cobbler continued, “For the wisdom giver of the universe to descend upon a cobbler, the purpose must be of great concern. Tell me, Oh great Muni,what brings you here to meet me? “

 Narada was discreetly astounded at the cobbler’s knowledge, though he continued, outwardly unaffected. “Do you know where I come from?” Narada asked the cobbler.

The cobbler, still bowing, answered “Yes, Oh holy sage! You are the greatest devotee of Lord Vishnu and sing the praise of the omnipresent Narayana. So you come from heaven where the Lord resides.”

Narada had to hide his surprise and continue. “Do you know what your Lord was doing when I left heaven?” Narada asked the cobbler. “No” said the cobbler asking Narada to enlighten him in the regard.

Narada told the cobbler that Lord Mahavishnu was trying to squeeze a camel through the eyes of a needle!

“Oh!” said the cobbler with no astonishment or surprise in his tone. Narada asked the cobbler if he thought this was possible. The cobbler told Narada to take a look at the tree that he was sitting under. Then he picked up a seed of the tree that had fallen down. He then gave the seed to Narada and told the sage that if Lord can hide a tree as big as this in this tiny seed, he can squeeze a camel through the eyes of the needle!
Though often known as a mischievous character, Narada’s intentions were always good and noble. Through his play Narada let the world know that the profession of a person has no bearing on the character that he possessed.