Sunday, 28 April 2013

The stupid donkey

Once there lived a donkey which was very stupid. But he thought of himself to be very intelligent. One day as he was lying down idle , under a tree he wanted to pick up a fight with someone for fun. 
He looked all around to see if he could find someone to pick a fight with. Just then a cow walked past the tree in search of grass. The donkey tried drawing him into a conversation. 

The donkey asked he cow if he knew who the most intelligent animal on earth was. The cow thought for a while and said that the elephant living near the river was the most intelligent animal. The donkey was thoroughly offended. 

He challenged the cow to prove whatever he said just then. So the twosome went to the river and decided to wait there till the elephant came along for her daily fill of water. A little while later the elephant arrived. The donkey and the cow waited for the elephant to drink the water. Then they approached her and explained the situation.
The donkey now challenged the elephant to prove her intelligence. The elephant thought for a while.

She was sure that the donkey was trying to while away his time and the poor cow has been trapped. Now the donkey was trying to draw the elephant into and all of this seemed irrelevant to the elephant.

Soon the elephant hit upon a good idea. He called the cow and the donkey and asked them a question. “Who, between the two of you is more powerful?” asked the elephant. The donkey immediately told that he was the most powerful and that his hind legs were the strongest in the whole world. The cow did not say anything, but silently observed the donkey. He suddenly looked haughty and vain. The cow began to understand that the donkey was simply trying to boast and had drawn them into a useless discussion. The elephant then asked the cow how he would fight his enemy. Taking the cue from the elephant the cow charged at the donkey and hit him hard with his horns. The donkey fell to the ground and as he was struggling to get to his feet, the elephant told the donkey that the cow indeed was more powerful as he did not have to turn and show his back to his enemy. The cow’s power is there for all of us to see.