Monday, 16 October 2017

Intelligence is a subset of information!

Pronouncing his verdict, he walked in
Making sure to be heard above the din!
'She needs to be put in her place,' he declared,
An assumed self-glory, his gait loudly blared!

Feigning serious looks, the family gathered
Though, to listen to her tale, none bothered!
Humiliated, she knew it was best to remain silent
For, anything she said would only deepen the dent!

'A childhood abuse or a deep hurt it must be,'
Said one intelligent-looking man, sans glee!
Before adding, 'Or perhaps a mental instability'
So let's conduct some tests to check her ability!'

With a dignified silence, she readily complied
'You seem mature and brave,' the doctor replied!
You have done all that you could and much more
He said, revealing her strength, to the family's four!

She wished people around had been a little wiser
While using harsh words, each one more of a miser
The words, once spoken in haste can't be withdrawn
For what remains broken is the heart, not the brawn!

They say time has an immense power to heal
And given its time, the deepest gash, it can seal!
With hope, she began collecting the broken pieces
Ignoring the on-lookers taunts and their teases!