Monday, 26 January 2015

Too much information, too little knowledge

I was low on energy that day,
When a friend told me that was no way!
You must be low on Vitamin-D,
Our body fails to absorb though the source is free!

I went to my medical advisor.
When it comes to health I was no miser!
He wrote a series of blood tests,
Which I diligently carried out to my best.

I was put through a diet counseling.
Asked about the oil that I used for cooking,
I said I always bought the fat-free.
But alas, it seems it had very little omega three!

He asked me about the rice I use,
And the amount of vegetables and lettuce.
I seemed to have scored a high,
In relief, the brown hued rice made me sigh!

My relief was robbed away too soon,
As the amount of cabbage I ate was no boon!
“Your thyroid levels are elevated,”
Which required my cabbage to be moderated!

What followed was a no-brainer.
The dietician referred me to a physical trainer,
As my BMI was not satisfactory!
BMI? Since I had no clue, I picked up the dictionary!

After three months of regimental diet,
Exercise, work-out, jogging and the like, running riot,
I went back, very confident, to my doc.
I had obeyed his directive and was ready to rock!

I thought I was just ready to rock...

After a thorough medical analysis,
He told me that some stress was causing a miss!
‘Yoga and meditation,’ he ordered!
With no control over myself, I simply nodded!

The next morning I lead myself,
Into a meditation hall, leaving everything on a shelf!
I sat silently, with my eyes closed,
In a while the guru appeared, calm and composed!

He began talking slowly and peacefully,
The reason for stress,’ he began rather gracefully,
Before adding, ‘is the lack of acceptance.
‘Even if we feel low for a day we become tensed!’