Friday, 29 March 2013

The frog in the well

This is a story that all of us have heard sometime or other in life. But the story's ending has always been left to the imagination of the listener. Here is one such imagination that made the ending a little different.

Once there lived a frog by the Jumpy, inside a well. He was alone and often felt lonely. Therefore he prayed to God for companionship. He wanted another frog that would live with him and share his joy and sorrow. One day a huge wave from a nearby ocean swept across the well. The huge wave, in its wake, deposited a frog in the well. 

Jumpy was so happy that he began talking to the new entrant at once. He wanted to know everything about the new frog and thanked God a hundred times for answering his prayers. Jumpy’s curiosity knew no bounds. “Where do you come from?” he asked the frog. The frog calmly replied that he is from the ocean. Now Jumpy wanted to know what ocean meant. The frog from the ocean was not perturbed. He told Jumpy that it was a similar water body like the well but much bigger. Jumpy did not know what “bigger” meant.

Jumpy was a lonely frog living in the well...

He jumped half way across the well asked the other frog if the ocean was as big as half the well. The ocean frog replied, “No, even bigger”. Now Jumpy jumped to three quarter of the well and asked the ocean frog if the ocean was as big as that. The frog replied that the ocean was much bigger.

Jumpy then began wondering if the ocean frog was lying and began thinking that the frog wanted to show-off and was telling lies or exaggerating facts. But finally Jumpy decided to the full length of the well and asked the ocean frog if the ocean was as big as the well.

The ocean frog realised his mistake and told Jumpy that the ocean was indeed as big as the well. Now Jumpy was satisfied and remained silent for some time.  But everyday thereafter Jumpy spent asking questions and the ocean frog would calmly agree to whatever Jumpy said. Then came a day when the ocean frog started feeling lonely and prayed to God to for companionship. In a few days a huge tide swept across the well and the ocean frog asked Jumpy to get on to the tide, but Jumpy refused. He had not seen so much water in all his life. But the ocean frog, in one leap got on the tide and went back to the ocean.

Jumpy became lonely again!